Bespoke CNC cutting solutions

ExhibitCNC offers a first class contract CNC cutting service. We have 2 brand new CNC cutting machines capable of cutting anything up to 3.7m x 2.2m. We can provide whatever level of service you require, from the a full CNC design, cut and fabricate service, or you can simply provide us with your finished drawings and the materials and we can provide a simple CNC cutting service.

We work with both the trade and the public, so if you want to build a bespoke rabbit hutch, we'll be more than happy to turn your sketch into reality. If you require CNC cutting on a regular basis, we'd be more than happy work with you to develop a mutually beneficial programme, which will reduce your costs and fit in with our current work load.

In addition to providing CNC Cutting services, we have an experienced team who can deliver and install or fabricate our work onsite. We work all over the country but specialise in our local South Wales area, and London, as we have a large warehouse near Heathrow airport.

We have developed an innovative software programme which allows us to accurately measure the CNC cutting times of any job, very quickly and accurately. We are therefore able to cost CNC Cutting jobs quickly and accurately, promising to return a quotation with 2 or 3 working hours.